Friday, February 27, 2009

Why I did this?

I am an Independent filmmaker trying to make difference in people lives. But at the same time when I watch documentaries made by western filmmakers particularly American filmmakers, they all go to Africa, Asia and many other remote part of the world and showcase their poverty or ugly side of that part of the world. Not to mention finally they will end up in getting Oscars for their works. I am not upset or angry about it but I use to think why these same filmmakers are afraid to show their country and their problems. BTW I am originally from India and shown the unfortunate and pathetic real life child prostitutes in my first film "Mathamma The mother Goddess" and then in my next film "The Cellestial Brides" I have shown life of transgender people in India... This time I decided to take an American issue So from 2006 to 2008 I lived on and off along the rode side of Atlanta and shot this film with my friend Kumar. Originally we were about to stay there for 30 days but after living with these homeless people for a week, me and my friend Kumar decided to stay for more days and try to help some of them and reunite them with their families. We were end up filming hours and hours of footage. More than that we have learnt lot from these people. One most important thing is that they are just like you and me. They were made of blood and flush just like us. They have love, dream and you name it they feel every thing just like us. They breath the same air what we all breath to live. Why we think these people are modern untouchables, slum dogs, drug addicts, psychos, mad caps etc.... if you think that way you must be not understanding and underestimating other human beings. Once we start cutting the film I will start posting each and every character whom we have interacted those days...Weather we have succeeded in our goal or not but we took little effort to show the compassion to other human beings