Saturday, March 7, 2009

Harvey Wall Banger

Harvey is another man whom I met at the homeless world. He has 7 different cancer and full blown AIDS but he is the example of hope and joy for man kind. He was a former Vice President of U Haul and first marketing professor of Atlanta tax college in 1970. I guess man's fate is decided when he was born that's what my mother use to say. He had every thing but now he has ID card, pocket of cigarette and a pair of reading glass. He is well dressed man in the homeless world. He was also served in the US Navy and served in Vietnam. He was raped and molested by 19 year old man when he was 5 years old. He tells me that opened his eyes that he loves men. He lived with his partner for 35 years. His partner died of AIDS in 2003 from then he become a homeless thanks to his partner's family

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